Hirschfeld Moments Ep. 2 - The Moment Hirschfeld Got Louis Armstrong's Trumpet

What do you get when you mix Jazz, Shakespeare, Disney cartoons, and Al Hirschfeld together? You get Swingin’ the Dream!

Narrated by musician Ronald Dabney, the second episode of the “Hirschfeld Moments” series takes a look at the ill-fated Jazz adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the unlikely circumstances that led to Hirschfeld possessing one of the most famous instruments of all time!

In our new series “Hirschfeld Moments”, we take a look at the storied life and career of artist Al Hirschfeld through the moments that defined his career. Each episode explores his works in film, television, theater and beyond, as well as the people he encountered and the places he traveled during his 82-year career.