Hirschfeld Moments Ep. 1 - The Moment That Changed the Way We Look at Broadway

How could one drawing change the way we look at Broadway?

In the debut episode of our new online series “Hirschfeld Moments”, we celebrate 95 years since Hirschfeld’s first New York Times drawing on January 29, 1928 of Scottish vaudeville sensation Sir Harry Lauder. We reveal the story behind one of his most important works, the lengths he went to forget this drawing, as well as the vaudevillian subject of this piece, and the legacy this drawing carries in how Broadway was viewed for most of the 20th century.

In our new series “Hirschfeld Moments”, we take a look at the storied life and career of artist Al Hirschfeld through the moments that defined his career. Future episodes will explore his works in film, television, theater and beyond, as well as the people he encountered and the places he traveled during his 82-year career.