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What's your line? We want to hear from you. When did you first see Hirschfeld's work? Have you ever counted a NINA? Did you ever meet the artist? What does this drawing say to you? Did you see this show, film, listen to this music or read this book? A few lines from you can tell us about you, the personalities and/or production in the drawing, or history that we should know. Like the theater, we want the Al Hirschfeld Foundation to be a group effort, and your story tells us about our ever-growing cast of characters.

Hirschfeld described Whoopi Goldberg as "a remarkable talent, completely uninhibited, Whatever faults she had, she exaggerated them, she didn't try to cover them up any way. She was a joy to draw." "Hirschfeld is the only man who can draw my attention on Sunday morning," claims Whoopi Goldberg. She wrote about her admiration for the artist in Hirschfeld On Line and she spoke at the dedication of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. The two enjoyed each other's company as well as each other's work.

Whoopi Goldberg

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