November 16, 2016

Tale of the Shirt

Last summer we learned how many people love Hirschfeld t-shirts. At the “Hirschfeld Century” exhibition at the New York Historical Society, the gift shop featured two shirts with Hirschfeld artwork and the shop soon discovered it was hard to keep them in stock. People love to draw attention to their love of Hirschfeld art by wearing the shirts, and so we decided to start a “T-shirt of the Month” club with small runs of shirts with a variety of images.

We know that some people love the theater images, while others are film buffs. The TV watchers, and concertgoers all have their favorites as well. While a shirt featuring the principals of “What My Line?” may not have a huge audience, we want them to have their shirt as much as those who want one of Aerosmith, Carol Channing, or Guys and Dolls.

With the holidays around the corner, we decided to start with three shirts this month: the lighter than air Peter Pan , the exuberant Singin’ In the Rain, and a Hirschfeld self portrait from 1928. Our plan is to offer them to our audience first (and sometimes only) through our newsletter and social media accounts at a discounted price, before letting others know about them. Many will only be printed once, so we encourage you to order early if you really want them.

We would love to hear what images you would like to see on t-shirts. Drop us a line at and let us know.

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