Jan 18, 2012
Album of the Week: Isaac Stern

Hirschfeld produced a number of covers for Columbia Records over the years from Dr.

Jan 16, 2012
Musical Monday: Bonanza Bound

Starting the week, we will feature a drawing of a musical every Monday.

Jan 11, 2012
Album of the Week: Henry The First

Earle Doud first tasted comedy album success when he was part of the troupe that wrote backed Vaughn Meader in the Kennedy satire, The First Family in http://www.alhirschfeldfound

Jan 6, 2012
TGIF: Everett Quinton

In 1976 the Times asked Hirschfeld to supply weekly drawings for its Friday theater column.  For more than fourteen years Hirschfeld enlivened a space that was a mere 6" by 3&quo

Jan 5, 2012
Album of the Week: Mayor

Broadway shows about New York politics were a recurring feature in the 20th century.